Working on this lady biker gang yall.

Here’s everything you need to know about me.

I wanted to draw baseball uniforms???

Started as a doodle, but now I want to do another Balst Slipshine chapter.

Clothing design for the first chapter. Ooooh boi

Been thinking about this character a lot. I love how learning about animation really helps with learning about sword stances.

I’m really bad at sword design, I might commission Shwig to design Bravos’ sword Magic eater.

Twitter is lame and didn’t like this amazing tumbnail I posted.

Been trying to get Bravo’s horse design down. Big ol’ shire pony is a lot more fun to draw. She likes to bite Balst’s pony tail.

Speaking of horses, I just got a Daily deviation for the cover to Balst over on DA. Gotta work on that horse anatomy man.

And a boy for her to play with. I already have an idea where this is going.

OHHHH BOY! I am so excited to work on this comic. Beyond is going to be a fun book.