Haven’t drawn a monster lady in a while. Been wanting to draw a Naga/mermaid character for a long time. 

Practicing drawing Bold Riley for somethingggg

Working on this lady biker gang yall.

I’m starting to like B.P.R.D even more than Hellboy. It’s awesome to see the  guys who are scrambling to save the world against impossible odds. Also people need to appreciate Liz and how damn powerful she is! I’m excited to see where this latest run is going. 

Hey! There is 24 days left on SmuttPeddler 2014 and I would like to share one of my favorite pages from my piece. I really enjoy drawing big cats and I loooove eating Indian food. It was my first time experimenting with drawing food in a comic. When the kickstarter finishes I’ll have to get some to celebrate!  

Also if you back the project, there will be an option to get a poster made by me! I’m working on the layout for it right now, but it’s going to be Japanese all girl biker gang!

Please help support or spread the word for us, we’re trying to take over the world with sex positive comics!

Oh boy do I have a wonderful comic to make this month!

More lady doodles at 2am. No idea what I’m doing this month.

Little doodle with some quick coloring.

Clothing and alien design wee-ooo

SMUTTPEDDLER 2014 is live, and if we get funded today, the opening day! I will draw a color print for the backers!