Here’s everything you need to know about me.

Thought I’d let you peek into my brain for a moment.

Was playing FF9 with a friend today, and then watched Howl’s moving castle. How could I not draw a witchsona for a warm up tonight?

I’ve been waiting to do this. The major change this yea was getting a Cintiq in late feb early June (I even paid it off last month!). I love where my art is going and I feel there has been a drastic improvement. I had a ton of things I was proud of making this year. Putting out a full comic every month really helps you grow as an artist, so thank you slipshine for being the best job I could ever have.

I plan to keep challenging myself and get even better next year. Thank you all for following me and watching my progression. All the wonderful comments and followers are huge source of inspiration!

Wanted to draw my new boots and jacket I got for my birthday. Also Jack in a cosby sweater.

What’s it like to always have shines in your eyes? It’s so tiring on my sad lazy eyes.

Updated self portrait, SU theme!

My ergonomic monitor arm came! After 2 hours of fiddling and 1 dust allergy attack I got this set up! I feel so professional. Think I’m going to cry.

This is from a sketch book in 2004. Every artist goes through phases in their art. I am so glad I don’t draw like this anymore.