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QuestionHello there, Oven! I am a big fan of your work and you are one of the many people who inspire me to pursue art... but I was wondering.... Is working for slipshine your only job? If it's not too much to ask, how much does it pay? Do you work two jobs to help support yourself financially? What is it? I ask these questions because I am seriously thinking about taking illustration/animating as a serious career path and I would like to hear your two cents please. ;3 Answer

Late response, since I’ve answered this before. I only work for Slipshine, the money is enough to support myself. I do share a room so my rent is cheap. I don’t own a car either, so that saves a lot. I make 100$ a page, can do 10-20 pages a month. I generally stay around the 12-14 range though. I have been looking into getting a job story boarding, but they take forever to get back to you, driving me crazy. It would be nice to have a job that has health coverage though. Not everyone will be as lucky as me.

I only suggest this type of work if you can produce content every month and STILL want to draw for fun.

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